6 October 2021: Poems to Live for 15. Launch of Days of Wonder

Wednesday 6th October 2021 9pm UK time

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Poems to Live for: Session 15

Days of Wonder: poetry by Lesley Saunders with art by Rebecca Swainston

The Hippocrates Press 
£10 ISBN 978-1-9163981-0-8
Publication Date: 6th October 2021

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9.00pm: Reading by poet Lesley Saunders

9.20pm: Poet Lesley Saunders and artist Rebecca Swainston in discussion with Hippocrates Initiative co-founder: poet and translator Professor Michael Hulse.

9.40pm: Reading from Days of Wonder by Lesley Saunders

10.00pm: Q & A with audience

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Days of Wonder collects poems Lesley Saunders wrote between March 2020 and March 2021 in response to the Covid pandemic. Highly aware of both the science of the medical threat and the societal implications of the responses to it, the poems she produced over that year bring a penetrating sensibility to bear upon an intractable period. The work of a mind and body taxed to full stretch, these poems fully express the mental and physical experience of a time of acute crisis and confirm Lesley Saunders as one of our most resourceful poets. 

Lesley says: ‘I began writing what I called my “plague poems” on 16 March 2020, directly after leading a poetry workshop at Reading Museum and Art Gallery – it was then that I first encountered Rebecca’s extraordinary paintings with their haunted, haunting atmosphere. I wrote a poem “Symptoms” in response to one of them the very next day. Rebecca and I began corresponding; over the next year, I found the resonance between the strange, estranged world of the pandemic and the uncanny cosmos of Rebecca’s work – even though it was not directly about the pandemic – growing stronger and stronger, and her art came to inhabit my poetry.’

Lesley Saunders for Days of Wonder

Lesley Saunders is the author of several poetry collections, most recently Nominy-Dominy (Two Rivers Press, 2018) and, with Philip Gross, A Part of the Main (Mulfran Press, 2018). Her English translations – including the poem that won the 2016 Stephen Spender award – of renowned Portuguese poet Maria Teresa Horta were published as Point of Honour (also Two Rivers Press, 2019). A new collection, This Thing of Blood & Love, is due out from Two Rivers Press in 2022. Otherwise, Lesley is a visiting professor at UCL Institute of Education, London, and an honorary research fellow at Oxford University Department of Education.

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Rebecca Swainston is a painter and printmaker; she holds a first-class honours degree in fine art and an MA from Chelsea School of Art. She was a teaching fellow and lecturer at Winchester School of Art, and continues to mentor established and emerging artists. Her work is a stark and expressive examination of the complex and ambiguous nature of human experience; she is inspired by everyday happenings as well as by concepts and beliefs from different cultures. Her themes include the body and mind connection, memory, misapprehension, and interconnectivity – ideas often carried by the presence of animals and other symbolic signs. Rebecca has had numerous solo exhibitions and is represented by the Castlegate House Gallery; her work is held in public and private collections in countries around the world. She works as a volunteer counsellor at Childline.

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