2021 Hippocrates Prize Anthology

The 2021 Hippocrates Prize Anthology

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Publication date: Wednesday 19 May 2021

Selected by judges Anne Barnard, Keki Daruwalla, Anna Jackson and Professor Neena Modi. Ed. MW Hulse and DRJ Singer. 

The Hippocrates Press.   £10  ISBN 978-0-9935911-9-8

The 58 poems in the 2021 Hippocrates Prize Anthology of Open International, NHS and Young Entries were selected by judges for the 2021 FPM-Hippocrates international Open Prize and FPM-Hippocrates Health Professional Prize


The 2021 Hippocrates Anthology of winning and commended poems was launched on Wednesday 19th May after the online 12th annual Hippocrates Awards Ceremony.

The judges for the 2021 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine were veteran New York Times correspondent Anne Barnard, distinguished poets Keki Daruwalla and Anna Jackson and Professor Neena Modi – paediatrician President-Elect of the British Medical Association. Ann Barnard, Keki Daruwalla and Professor Neena Modi judged the FPM-Hippocrates Open and FPM-Hippocrates Health Professional awards and Anna Jackson judged the Hippocrates Young Poets’ Prize for Poetry and Medicine.

The Open and Health Professional awards in the 2021 Hippocrates Prize were supported by medical society the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine. The Hippocrates Young Poets Award for poets aged 14-18 years was supported by healthy heart charity The Cardiovascular Research Trust.

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The Hippocrates Prize Anthology

The Hippocrates Prize Anthology


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